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03.28.04 @ 18:52

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It's been a little while since the last update. Not much has changed. Sarah is never in the room and when she is she's on the phone or pounding away on her keyboard. Wouldn't be a problem if our room still didn't look like a pigstye. I've been cleaning a little bit each weekend. This on top of the dishes, bathroom, and laundry that gets done every weekend. She vacuumed once and the job was what I would call half-assed. The floor needs to be vacuumed already. There is a major amount of crap on the floor and it was vacuumed just a week and a half ago.

It looks like I will be going home this weekend to get the car and to get away from all the shit thats up here. By shit I mean shit. I feel like I'm baby-sitting Sarah's stuff every weekend. Plus I couldn't sleep in on the weekends because she leaves her alarm here and on (She has been using her watch.)

So really nothing more than me complaining this entry. I will hopefully add more stuff, but right now I need to get going and study for my tests tomorrow.

It's 10:30p.m. sorry for the quick end, had to get to the study group. I just seem to have issues with every single roommate that I have had. This year its just been a really disrespectful problem. I have to do almost all the stuff that has to do with the room since I'm here on the weekends. Doesn't matter that four out of the seven days we are both here. That really pisses me off. That and she knows a lot of this stuff is bothering me but yet she makes no effort to stop and the sorry for everything is old. I don't believe her anymore. Not that I can anymore because she's gone 180 with a lot of things. I hate being in the room when she is here because I get the feeling that I am impeding on her or something to that effect. It really should be the other way around since I really get no help in maintaining the room. There are other things that I would like to say but they are very wrong and evil and I don't like to say that kind of stuff to people, especially if I had considered them a friend at some point or another. Well, since I've written another entry about something that I've complained about before I will end it here and go to bed. Getting up bright and early to workout and do some last minute studying.

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